Nick Kraft of A-Plus Auto Styling

Forest Hill, MD  |  |  @aplusautostyling

Products Featured:
ORACAL® 970RA – 056, ice blue (gloss) and 406, violet metallic (gloss)

What brought you both into the vehicle wrap business, and when did you decide to team up?

We originally started in the restyling business by offering window tinting. In 2013, my friend Brandon helped me wrap one of my first cars so I could get an idea of how it worked. After experimenting and a lot of trial and error, we began to get a better understanding of the different wrap materials and application techniques. Once Zac started working at A-Plus Auto Styling, we decided to start offering vehicle wraps as an additional service to our window tint clients. We wrapped my BMW E46 M3 to use as a showpiece. After the first year, we did about 20 full cars. Word of mouth really helped get our name out there!

What attributes are most important or appealing when using ORACAL® 970RA wrap films on your vehicles and customer vehicles?

Our favorite part about ORACAL® 970RA is the gloss finish. So far, it seems to be unmatched in the vinyl world. We had our cars wrapped in Ice Blue, Telegrey, and Violet Metallic. People who are familiar with the “vinyl orange peel” phenomenon in most wrap films are always impressed that it’s virtually non-existent in ORACAL® 970RA! My second favorite attribute about 970RA is the integrity of the adhesive and the air-egress system. When you post heat correctly and get a corner or edge down, we rarely see any adhesive imperfections appearing through the film or fingers coming back up along the edges. The material hugs corners, recesses, and seems to stay that way for the duration of the wrap. It’s just a more professional grade film!

What key points do you like to discuss with a potential client looking to wrap their vehicle?

My biggest concern when a customer walks in is making them happy. We first do an initial inspection to make sure it’s a good candidate for a wrap. Over the years, we have strayed away from wrapping cars with lots of dents and paint blemishes. I find it best to wrap cars in good condition, specifically the paint and body! After we make that decision, I usually figure out what color the customer wants, and give them my opinion on maintaining that particular brand and finish. I try to be as open as possible so there isn’t any information left unsaid. I also like to go over the expected longevity of the work they are looking to get done. This is to ensure they understand the product and what is to be expected upon delivery. This way everyone is happy and high-quality work can be achieved.

Where are car enthusiasts most likely to run into you?

We always attend WekFest in New Jersey and H20i in Ocean City, MD. We recently attended and First Class Fitment in New Jersey. Come check out our shop and hang out for a bit!