What is a vehicle wrap?

Simply put, a vehicle wrap covers a vehicle in a giant sticker. The material used is a conformable film that features a pressure-sensitive adhesive, allowing the material to be applied to your car and stay adhered to until you are ready to remove it. The film's versatility allows you to change the color of your vehicle while also protecting the underlying paint.

Why would you wrap a car vs. paint it?

One of the biggest reasons we see consumers moving more towards wraps is the ease of customization. The process could take a couple of weeks to complete with paint due to the surface preparation and curing time. A vehicle wrap can be completed in one day. Another reason is color availability – so many times, dealers and body shops only offer a limited amount of color options; with wraps, the colors and finishes are almost unlimited.

Will it damage my paint when I remove it?

Vehicle wraps are only guaranteed on OEM paint jobs under five years old – the reality is that so many factors can affect a vehicle’s paint and thus affect the adhesion properties of the film to the color. We recommend having a professional installer examine your car before wrapping it to inform you what to expect when removing the wrap.

Average Cost?

The cost of a vehicle wrap depends upon several factors, including the market you live in, the type of wrap product used, and the installation level you may be looking for. Almost every square inch of your vehicle could be wrapped; however, the more the car is wrapped, the more it will likely cost. Based on your budget, a professional installer will break down the pricing for you to make an educated decision.

Can it be self-installed?

We always recommend using a professional installer for a vehicle wrap, but it can be a DIY project. There are thousands of tutorials and YouTube videos available. However, remember that the material used is not damage-proof, and professional installers have spent many years learning how to manipulate the material for it to be applied correctly.

How do I find an installer in my area?

We have successfully trained and partnered with hundreds of installers across the globe! You can find that list here.

How do I care for my wrap?

For the most part, you can treat your vehicle as you normally would, but we recommend keeping your car in a garage or undercover to keep the wrap lasting as long as possible. We offer a few different options of ORAFOL brand Cleaning and Care Kits.

How long should I leave it on?

This is really up to you, but you should know that the wrap will be much more difficult to remove after three years as the adhesive will continue to build adhesion to your vehicle. We typically see consumers keep their wraps on for 18-24 months before deciding they want another color. We usually recommend removing the wrap before three years is up.