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Product Featured:
ORACAL® 970RA - 076, gloss telegrey

Chazzzam has proudly been in business since 2012. The team originally began with 4 team members but after a successful few years in business, that number quickly moved to 9. The team even moved into a new 10,000 square foot location a few months ago on the mark of their 5 year anniversary.

This year the team wrapped a Bentley Continental in ORACAL 970RA Gloss Telegrey and it immediately captured our interest. We contacted the shop with a few questions about the project and working with ORAFOL materials. Chas, one of the owners and Shop Manager was able to help us out.

What was Chazzzam’s favorite part about this project?

Our favorite part of this project was that the Bentley belonged to a close friend who we have been talking about wraps with for years. It was awesome to see his reaction when picking up his car for the first time after our services. The color combo between the Telegrey and Gloss Carbon Fiber accents/mirrors was classy but still sporty. And… It is always nice to be able to work on an exotic car. They are more challenging and push our staff to be their best!

What is your experience with ORAFOL and what do you like about it?

We love ORAFOL for a few reasons… First, the wrap media looks almost identical to actual paint. When applied, you don’t see any of the air egress channels or “orange peel” effect. Second, the amount of color choices for Gloss wraps is far superior to any other manufacturer out there now. It allows our design dept to explore more options for customers who want their cars to look almost “factory” when finished. Third, the vinyl is very easy to work with. Its repositionablity and response to heat make it an easier project for our installers. Saving time and frustration during installation makes for happier customers and employees! hahaha Last, the staff and support behind ORAFOL are the best in the business. Your company is always willing to work with us and send new products/samples anytime you can. You have even donated entire rolls of media for us to use for sponsorship purposes and help support our community. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!

What is your favorite part about working and living in Washington?

I love that we are close to the ocean, mountains, rivers, lakes and beautiful mother nature… but still only an hour away from Seattle and Vancouver, BC for city and industry. We can work hard during the day and then relax and soak up the fresh air and beauty in the outdoors. It allows for amazing backdrops for photography and helps our staff explore things other than just cars and vinyl. It provides inspiration for design and a very sustainable market for our wraps. There is a lot of rain and harsh elements during the winter that provide a great excuse to put a vinyl on your car! We love the PNW!!!