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Product Featured:
ORACAL® 970RA - 711, gloss stone grey

Located in Orlando, Florida, Carbon Wraps has been in business for seven years. They are a creative and experienced vinyl wrap company specialized in exotic vehicles and each wrap is installed with finesse, high quality, and passion. Their attention to detail has resulted in Carbon Wraps being the #1 rated shop in Orlando for professional installation of vehicle wraps.

A while back the team wrapped a Mercedes SL550 in ORACAL 970RA Gloss Stone Grey and it immediately captured our interest. We contacted the shop with a few questions about the project and working with ORAFOL materials.

How long has Carbon Wraps been in business?

Carbon Wraps has been in business for seven years, however we have been in the industry since 2003.

What were the challenges when working on this project (if any)?

The front bumper has very deep recessed areas and has to be worked gently and intricately. Most gloss films are harder to install for visually clean results due to the conformability of gloss.

What is your experience with ORAFOL?

We have used Orafol since the beginning, in fact have wrapped an entire car in Black Crocodile years ago. We have used the various lines of ORAFOL, from cut vinyl and lettering to digital media and color change. We also have experience with the transparent 8300 films on projects to create custom colors for clients. We did the first release of the 970RA Matte Mint color change film as well as the first Shift Effect, Turquoise Lavender.

What do you like about working and living in Winter Park, FL?

We are easy to access from most points in Central Florida. There are many benefits of working and playing in Winter Park, we are close to entertainment, shopping, restaurants, dealerships, and residences.