Vehicle Wrap Certification Course
Kansas City, MO

May 28, 2020

Skill Level: Advanced
(Applicants must meet eligibility requirements.)

Cost: $975 (2-day class)
Early Bird Registration rate available!

Compliment your Advanced Application Skills with
Advanced Business Development Methods!

This course not only provides the opportunity to become ORAFOL® + KPMF® Vehicle Wrap Certified, but also provides the continuing education you crave to continue to develop your business and set yourself apart from your competition.

Day 1 – Continuing Education

  • Class room setting
    • Selling/promoting vehicle graphics and wraps
    • Material composition and selecting the right material for the application
    • Scaling company culture and growth
    • Project management
  • Application Training
    • Receive One on One Advanced Training & Critiques
    • Prepare for Day 2 Certification Hands-On Exam

Day 2 – Certification Hands-On Exam

  • Exam consists of:
    • Commercial Graphic & Wrap Installations
    • Solid Color Change Wrap Installations
    • Printed Reflective Graphic Applications

Upon successful completion of the hands-on exam, you’ll proceed to the online exam to complete the certification process.

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements.