Cleaning and Care Kits

Your ride...wrapped. Your likes on Instagram and Facebook...rising. Now it’s time to make sure that look lasts as long as possible, and we’ve formulated care and maintenance products specifically for our family of ORACAL® brand wrapping products to do just that. To make it easier, we put everything in one kit so you don’t even have to think about which product to use. The ORACAL Cleaning and Care kit includes a concentrated Shampoo for every day cleaning, a Fast Care Agent for spot cleaning and detailing, an Intensive Cleaner for heavier soiled areas and a Long-Lasting Seal, your first line of defense right after your vehicle has been wrapped. Each kit comes with application sponges and application instructions. Make sure to ask your professional vehicle wrap installer how you can get one in your hands before your ride leaves the shop.

Each Kit Contains
  • 500ml of ORACAL Shampoo

  • 500ml of ORACAL Intensive Cleaner

  • 500ml of ORACAL Fast Care Agent

  • 500ml of ORACAL Long-lasting Sea

  • Two special Wrapping Film Cleaning/Application Sponges

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